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Many alternatives now available for artificial colours in confectionery products

Natural eye-catching confectionery

Imagine walking down the confectionery aisle in a supermarket and seeing grey-coloured M&Ms or candy? Would it be tempting? The answer is probably not, and with good reason.

Ashland’s cellulose excipients for pharma manufacturing

Formulating with matrix-controlled release excipients

Using careful design and compositional selection, Ashland’s scholarly, cited scientists possess the formulation and process expertise to match polymer architecture, material and physical characteristics to meet the challenges facing the most demanding pharma applications.

Colours from natural sources for the food and beverage industry

SK Chemtrade has been an industry leader for 30 years

With its vision as the first stop for processors and brand owners in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, SK Chemtrade has always been confident and committed to delivering world-class ingredient solutions and formulations to every stage of the manufacturing process.